Too many people have been laid off and too many people are still repping their last company. We created these banners to help those impacted by layoffs to update their LinkedIn profile. Stop reppin' your old company and start branding yourself. 

Here are some banners that will help you do just that! To download them, just right click and save to your desktop. 

Seeking New Opportunities Banner

Hire Me Banner

But First, Coffee! Banner

Clean Desk Banner

Rainbow Prism Banner

Red Sprinks Banner

Sprinkle Me In Jobs Banner

Rainbow Sprinks

Heelllloooo Banner

Support Banner

Once you download your banner, follow these instructions to upload your profile in LinkedIn.

1. Log into LinkedIn

2.Click on the 'Me' section with your profile picture in the blue bar   

3. Then click "View Profile"

4. Next, click the pencil on the right hand side just under the current banner. 

5. Next, click the pencil at the top right hand corner of the current banner. 

6. Then click 'Change Photo' in the bottom right hand corner. 

7. This will allow you to upload the new banner.

8. Now all you need to do is click 'Apply' and save it! 

If you know someone who is still reppin their old company then send them here to download a new banner. Don't see a banner that speaks to you? Send an email to [email protected] and we'll see what we can do.



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