There’s an old saying ‘Your network is your net worth,’ and there’s no truer statement for recruiters. Some talent acquisition specialists build their entire careers around knowing the right people and being able to hire them even when they are not on the market. Being an amazing recruiter means you need to be connected to the area you are recruiting. You don’t necessarily need to live there, but you definitely need to be in the know. One of the best ways to do that, of course, is to be connected with the right people on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, of course, is a great place to learn about industry trends in recruitment, how competitors are marketing their company to candidates, and in today's market, where layoffs are happening. In addition, it’s a great place to connect with people and build relationships that will help you grow and maybe even help you land your next gig. If you are a talent acquisition specialist or recruiter in Boston and have not been connecting with other recruiters to share ideas or spark conversations, then you should start by connecting with these experts:

Ed Nathanson: Ed is like that teacher that actually got you excited about learning math, except he’s teaching you about employer branding. He lives by his ‘humor or heart’ method, which makes him just about the most genuine person on LinkedIn. 

Emma Brudner: One of the things I love about Emma is the fact that she actually writes about her experience! That’s the reason keeps picking up her articles. She writes about everything from hiring to actually managing people and your culture. 

Jennifer Paxton: Not only does Jen run a slack channel for Boston talent, she coordinates a monthly meeting where a group of TA practitioners gets together to share best practices. She has a running list of topics up for discussion. Jen is often asked to share her knowledge on panels. Follow her to make sure you don’t miss them! 

Phil Strazzulla: I have to admit a little bit of bias here. I’ve worked with Phil for the last couple of years at NextWave Hire, and while he doesn’t have a background in recruiting, it’s exactly that which makes him an important person to follow on LinkedIn. He does a better job of building a business case for HR/TA than anyone else out there. Not to mention, he started a company, Select Software Reviews, whose whole goal is to help HR & TA teams find the right tech talent.  

Like any network, the more you give, the more you will get out. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been building your network for your entire career, building your network with the right contacts is crucial. Go connect with these people today and see what makes them the most followable professionals in talent acquisition in Boston.


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